• The magical solar farm mounting systems gives green plants a superior growth environment
    Mar 10 , 2022

    The hot summer is coming soon. Combining the two systems of solar panel (photovoltaic) infrastructure and agriculture can create a mutually beneficial relationship. This method can realize two-way utilization by planting crops in the shadow of solar panels. In an integrated farm solar power systems, the environment under the solar panel is much cooler in summer and can remain warm in winter. This not only reduces the evaporation rate of irrigation water in summer, but also means that plants will not be under so much pressure. Crops that grow under lower drought stress need less water. Because they are not easy to wither due to high temperature at noon, they can carry out photosynthesis for a longer time and grow more effectively. In the strong light environment, the leaves of plants tend to be smaller, which is to adapt to the strong sunlight and inhibit the solar panel supports systems. In low light conditions, plants grow larger leaves to disperse the chlorophyll that absorbs sunlight, turning more light into energy. Solar panels themselves benefit from this collaborative environment. When the sun is sunny and the temperature is too high, solar panels begin to perform poorly because they become too hot. The water evaporated from crops will produce local cooling effect, so as to reduce the thermal stress of overhead solar panels and improve the performance of solar panels. Japan has announced that the CO2 emission reduction target will be negative 46% in 2030 compared with 2013, and zero net emissions will be achieved in 2050. In Japan's total agricultural land area of 4.6 million hectares, if 3 million hectares are used for solar energy sharing, it can cover all Japan's electricity consumption throughout the year. This is a space that can be fully utilized for agricultural sheds in Japan, which is relatively short of land. Compared with open-air planting, first, the photovoltaic greenhouse solves the impact of adverse weather such as typhoon, rainstorm and high temperature, and provides a more stable planting environment for leafy vegetables. Second, the slope of the photovoltaic power generation project has good drainage and avoids the risk of flooding; Compared with the traditional greenhouse planting, the transformation cost of photovoltaic greenhouse is lower and the wind resistance is stronger, Dealong Solar has successively completed many agricultural shed projects. We use adjustable ground screw to enable customers to achieve high customer adjustability according to field requirements Let the agricultural shed be adjusted according to the different needs of the site and light. We look forward to your inquiry. If you also look forward to Installing Photovoltaic System on your farm shed.

  • Lunar New Year 2021 (CNY) Greetings from Shuangheng Team
    Feb 05 , 2021

    Shuangheng group companies are about to start the Chinese New Year (Spring Festival) holiday from Feb 9th to Feb 20th 2021. Our team wish all new and old customers a prosperous business in 2021. Shuangheng will continue to pursue lean production and produces high-quality aluminum alloy products for our customers.

  • 2020 New Version of China National Standards for
    Feb 02 , 2021

    The latest version of the national standard GB/T8478-2020 for "Aluminum Alloy Doors and Windows" was released on March 31, 2020, and has been officially implemented on February 1, 2021. The new 2020 standard is to replace the previous GB/T8478-2008 standard. Compared with the 2008 version, the 2020 version has been improved to a greater extent in the scope of application, classification terms, basic performance requirements, requirements for aluminum alloy materials, detailed requirements for door and window construction, door and window processing accuracy, repeated opening and closing durability tests, product identification and so on. Door and window classification terms The first change of the new national standard is in the terminology of the classification of doors and windows. The classification principle of doors and windows of the new national standard has been revised from the original "function" to "performance". The "shading type" has been changed to "heat insulation type" basing on which two new types "heat insulation type" and "fire resistance type" are added. This change has brought great convenience to consumers and producers. From the type and name of doors and windows, the main performance and characteristics of the doors and windows can be clearly understood. Basic performance requirements for doors and windows With the continuous development of the industry and the continuous improvement of technology, people's requirements for the quality of life are also constantly getting higher. As an indispensable part of a livable environment, the performance of doors and windows are also advancing with the times. The basic performance of doors and windows is the key standard for testing the quality of doors and windows, and the new national standard puts forward higher requirements for basic performance. Watertight performance: The watertight performance value ΔP of the outer door shall not be less than 150Pa, and ΔP of the outer window shall not be less than 250Pa. Airtight performance: For exterior doors with airtight performance requirements, the air permeability per unit opening length q1 should not exceed 2.5m3/(m·h), and the air permeability per unit area q2 should not exceed 7.5m3/(m2·h); For exterior windows with tight performance requirements, q1 should not exceed 1.5m3/(m·h), and q2 should not exceed 4.5m3/(m2·h). Airborne sound insulation performance: The sound insulation performance value of sound insulation doors and windows shall not be less than 35dB. Heat preservation performance: The heat transfer coefficient K of thermal insulation doors and windows should be less than 2.5W/(m2·K). Thermal insulation performance: The solar heat gain coefficient SHGC of insulated doors and windows should not be greater than 0.44. In addition, the new national standard also provides corresponding regulations on fire resistance, lighting performance, sand and dust resistance, wind resistance and debris impact resistance, which more compre...

  • Aluminum Material Specs Used by Shuangheng
    Jan 14 , 2021

    A-grade Aluminum Material Aluminium is an economy metal material and it is widely used in all industries. It has high-strength and high durability. It is also environment friendly and can be applied to different high-performance coatings. Great aluminum material is the most important considerations no matter for building or for industrial use. Choosing the appropriate material will ensure the extrusions and accuracy of parameters especially thickness. Shuangheng is using A-grade aluminium material to produce profiles which contributes to customers' business success. Aluminum Material Specs

  • Aluminum extrusion production process
    Jan 14 , 2021

    The production of aluminum profiles involves five main processes including ingot preparation, extrusion molding, heat treatment, surface treatment, and heat insulation treatment. Below picture shows the brief production process of extruded aluminum profiles in Shuangheng factory:

  • Industrial aluminum frame uses
    Dec 21 , 2020

    1. Mechanical frame structure and connection of various parts. 2. Working table, industrial assembly line and conveyor belt. 3. Small automatic equipment and non-standard electromechanical equipment. 4. Industrial inspection and testing and safety protection system. 5. Assembly lines for electronic and auto parts. 6. Chemical, pharmaceutical, medical, food cleaning and other equipment. 7. Trade fair, outdoor advertising and stage setting, etc. 8. Industrial fence, protective cover and various frames.

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Concrete Aluminum Solar Mounting System
Concrete Aluminum Profile Solar Ground Mounting System

1. Product name: Solar Mounting System 2. Material: aluminum & stainless 3. Max wind speed:60m/s 4. Snow load:40cm 5. Installation angle:10°~60° 6. Anti-corrosive: anodized 7. MOQ: 10000 Watt 8. Payment Item: bank T/T, paypal, western union 9. Lead time: 10-15 days after payment

Aluminum Solar Carport Mounting System
Waterproof Aluminum Solar Carport Mounting System

1.Model NO:AL-20201110-01 2.Product name: Solar Carport Mounting System 3. Material:aluminum & stainless 4. Max wind speed:60m/s 5. Snow load: up to 1.4kn/m2 6. Installation angle:10°~60° 7. Anti-corrosive:anodized 8. MOQ: 10000 Watt 9. Payment Item: bank T/T, paypal, western union 10. Lead time: 10-15 days after payment

Solar Floating Mounting Plant Manufacturer
PV Solar Floating Mounting Plant Manufacturer

1. Installation: ater surface 2. Product name: Solar Floating Plant 3. Surface wave height: ≤0.51m/s 4. Wind load: ≤36m/s 5. Smoe load: ≤0.45kn/㎡ 6. Tilt angle: 0-25° 7. Material: HDPE, AL6005-T5, SUS304 8. Warranty: 10 years warranty and 25 years service life 9. Payment Item: bank T/T, paypal, western union 10. Lead time: 10-15 days after payment

aluminum solar carport
High Snow Load Aluminum Solar Carport

1.Model NO:AL-20201105-01 2.Product name: High Snow Load Aluminum Solar Carport 3. Material:aluminum & stainless 4. Max wind speed:60m/s 5. Snow load: up to 1.4kn/m2 6. Installation angle:10°~60° 7. Anti-corrosive:anodized 8. MOQ: 10000 Watt 9. Payment Item: bank T/T, paypal, western union 10. Lead time: 10-15 days after payment

Waterproof Mounted Solar Carport Rack
Waterproof Ground Mounted Solar Carport Rack

1.Model NO:AL-20201113-01 2.Product name:Carport Solar Rack 3. Material:aluminum & stainless 4. Max wind speed:60m/s 5. Snow load: up to 1.4kn/m2 6. Installation angle:10°~60° 7. Anti-corrosive:anodized 8. MOQ: 10000 Watt 9. Payment Item: bank T/T, paypal, western union 10. Lead time: 10-15 days after payment

steel single pole solar ground mount
Hot dipped galvanized carbon steel single pole solar ground mount

Our A type ground mounting structure can be installed on the pile driven with flange connection .

galvanized steel solar carport
Galvanized steel solar waterproof carport

The galvanized steel solar carport is waterproof

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